Reflective Projection Modulator


/Art, as a context, is a lens, through which we reinterpret the ordinary. In this way, art can be in its own focus. Art can be characterized by spontaneity, intuition and playfulness. Science, on the other hand, is a goal oriented examination, where mistakes aren’t allowed. The equipment has a well-defined function and every experiment can be repeated and is documented.

/In this event we try to reproduce some high school physics experiments in a new context, and as a by-product, the equipment can get some secondary interpretation as works of art. The experiments return to their playful states, the physical phenomenon becomes a miracle.

/During this event we use only camera and analog video manipulator machines

Syncnoise project

In this project we are experimenting with analog video signals. We have made a modular effect processor from old studio mixers. The project is based on this machine, which generates video signals (with a triple feedback loop) or reacts to an input signal. We make art installations and music videos with experimental sound artists like Alpár, MorningdeerSilf or Norwell.

Concept: Matyas Csiszar
Effect specialist: Attila Kujbus

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Light mechanics

Analog Mountain


Light mechanics

In collaboration with the Demo Node creative lab we made light installations for the 20. Sziget Festival. We built machines onto overhead projectors and the opacity of this machines generate the gif like geometrical abstractions.


Fénymechanikák @ Sziget – készülődés from DN on Vimeo.


DN Sziget 2012 – Werk from DN on Vimeo.


DN & Racsni Csoport, Hannahanna Festival 2012 from DN on Vimeo.